Seoul City Hall area

Great day in City Hall district of Seoul. The city hall district is located in the north center of Seoul. It is a very nice area to see where the new and old mix. We can indeed see high-rise buildings, and ancient temples. The advantage of downtown Seoul is that there is no real periphery. Which means that in the north center of Seoul, but also in the south, the city is surrounded by the hills and the small moutains. It is really an amazing place to see in Seoul.

The new Seoul City Hall is an eco-friendly building with a unique exterior, the design of which is based on the eaves of traditional Korean houses. The total floor area of ​​the city hall is 90,743sqm, including the old city hall building, which is now the Seoul Metropolitan Library. Government offices account for 62 percent of the area, and public spaces for citizens make up 38 percent. The building is highly efficient, as it is built with a double skin facade system. About 28.3 percent of the energy used in the building of eco-friendly energy sources, including photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal. The Green Wall is the most popular attraction at the Seoul City Hall building. Spanning an area of ​​1516m², the size of a soccer field, this vertical garden climbs the inner wall, all the way from the first to the seventh floor. It was named in Guinness World Records as the largest vertical garden in the world.

After the modern of city  hall, there is the statue of King Sejong is the square’s focal point. In front of the statue, the main inventions from King Sejong’s reign are on display, including the hangeul alphabet and scientific instruments such as a sundial, rain gauge and celestial globe. A nearby gallery tells “The Story of King Sejong,” featuring a variety of materials and artifacts portraying the life and achievements of the great man himself.

At the end of the main road  there is Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is also referred to as the Northern Palace because of its location when compared to the neighboring palaces of Changdeokgung (Eastern Palace) and Gyeonghuigung (Western Palace) Palace. Gyeongbokgung Palace is arguably the most beautiful, and remains the largest of all five palaces.The properties were once destroyed by the Imjin War (Japanese Invasions, 1592-1598). However, all of the palace buildings were later restored under the leadership of Heungseondaewongun during the reign of King Gojong (1852-1919).

Seoul Seonjeongneung

Seoul Royal Tomb is a small park located in the Gangnam district of Seoul. It is a park recounting the royal ceremonies of the past. This is often the weekend walk for citizens, used as a ballad park. It is also a place to visit for tourists. Nothing very impressive but a pleasant stroll of an hour in the quiet district of seoul. Do not miss it if you are in the Gangnam area.

In the past, memorial rites were performed in the sacrificial building. Small sculptures on the eaves called Japsang were carved in the shape of animals, such as monkeys, and were believed to exorcise evil spirits. Next to the sacrificial building, there is a pavilion and a tombstone for the tomb of the king. Sculptures of sheep and tigers surround the tomb and are guardians of the deceased king. There is also a statue of a military officer bearing a sword. In front of the tomb is an outstanding sight called ‘Mangjuseok,’ which is a pair of stones designed to guide the spirit of the king to his tomb. Unlike the tombs of the kings, the queen’s tomb, Wanghureung, is simple. It doesn’t have any pavilions or sacrificial buildings, and is surrounded only by stone sculptures as guardians.

Seoul, Namsan Park

Namsan park is a giant park, plus a vegetation area located in the heart of Seoul. In Seoul the heart of the city is a giant park which is definitely located in the center of the city. The transport network is also around. It is really a pleasure to walk in this space while being in the heart of a huge city. Indeed, when you walk you just feel like you’re far from the city, no car noise. And yet we are in the middle.

It is actually a hill and is the perfect place for jogging, sports or simply a walk to relax. Namsan Park is also the most important place in Seoul and is therefore an obvious hill to climb. With a height of only 262 m, you can easily reach the summit in less than an hour. The main trail is essentially a long walk and stairs to climb. There is also a cable car for those who prefer not to walk, as well as buses. But the pleasure comes in walking.

At the top, the Seoul tower that overlooks the city. But if you did not want to pay to go up the tower, know that at the top of the hill you have the center of attraction of the tower with the free observatory on the fourth floor. From here, we already have a magnificent view of the surroundings of Seoul.
An ideal place for a half-day visit. Or just to go for a walk regularly, it’s so nice to have such a big vegetation in the heart of a city.








Seoul Gangnam area

I am located in Seoul in the gangnam area. Without knowing what the area was, it turns out that it is the most modern district of the city with the largest number of cafes, it is also the business center of the capital. It’s very modern and very westernized.

To reach the historic city center, however, it is not far from 45 minutes. The cost of living and especially coffee is more expensive than in Japan. Just like food. Conversely, the cost of a metro ticket is cheaper. I admit it is extremely good to land in cafes. For the rest I am in spite of everything rather tired of being in the city center with the world and the noise. But the cost of housing requires one can find only budget housing in some cities. And although it is the upscale neighborhood of Seoul, it is also where I found the cheapest private accommodation in the city.
Here we find a lot of people obsessed with performance and physical appearance, executives spending their days working on the girl seeking the best appearance possible. We are probably in one of Asia’s most trendy neighborhoods.

A little further away from the trendy center we come to the business districts with all the impressive modern towers. The area is already quieter and it is nice to walk in the middle of these great centers.
The weekend is however surprisingly empty. The days when there are no weekday workers on Main Street are surprisingly empty. There are probably many more buildings related to services and work than housing. That’s why it’s really fun to walk on Saturdays or Sundays, unlike the busy week

Arrived in Seoul

Arrived at my new destination: South Korea. After a full month spent in Osaka, I had to change air and find a new destination where I had never been, I opted for Seoul, only 2 hours flight from Japan and Osaka. It is a neighboring country so it was a good opportunity to see a new country without going far. So I found a small budget room in the trendy Seoul area for two weeks. Without knowing if I will stay read long or not. South Korea and the second most developed country in Asia just after Japan.

My first impressions are that Seoul is very much westernized, much more than Japan. The city is modern, extremely developed and very westernized. When you walk down the street you feel like you’re in a western country. Here again many people. I continue my trip in Asia. Now that i’m on this continent it is cheaper and easier to move from place to place.