Working online means choosing where to work. It is thus possible to work at home, in a hotel room, a library, a coworking space and cafes. It depends on individual choices. Personally, changing places to work is important for me to develop my creativity. That’s why I really enjoy going to work in cafes. It is therefore necessary to find the most suitable system. Some will prefer cafes, others coworking spaces. It also depends on the personality of the people.


When working online, it’s important to be creative, develop ideas and generate content. Changing workplaces and finding places where you feel good is essential for this creativity.


Depending on your personality, it is more interesting to work quietly, or to work in a coworking space to motivate yourself. The best thing is to find what suits us best.


Workplaces vary from the work to be done. Sometimes you have to work from home or your hotel to record videos. For other types of content, it can be done in cafes. It is also possible to mix according to the work to be done. 

Home place

Work from home. When you work online, you can have a fixed place, you can also often live at the hotel in Airbnb. In summary, there is regular change. This workplace has the advantage of working on projects that require a quiet place, such as recording videos. Afterwards it is possible to do other types of work. Valuing this place for work that requires this type of space. I advise not to lock oneself too much in a work from its place. Mix and work also regularly outside.

Coffee shop

One of my favorite places to work. The latter makes it possible to join the useful and the pleasant. Indeed, you can enjoy in a pleasant setting, a drink, the outdoor atmosphere, and work quietly on your computer. Asia is really great for this because there are cafes everywhere, often with a nice decoration, and working on a computer is very popular. It’s not suitable for all online activities, but a lot can be done while working in cafes. The environment is favorable to the development of ideas, it is also ideal for motivation. The atmosphere of cafes is a very important source of energy for working online.

Coworking space

The coworking space is a very different place from the others. It is thus possible to work online in a place with offices and a structure adapted for this. Most people are also online workers. This space is interesting to create connections with other online workers. It is possible to meet and discuss business projects online. On the other hand, you will have to pay a subscription to take advantage of its spaces. It’s also not suitable for everyone. Indeed if you prefer tranquility and independence, value the other choices.