Seoul Gangnam area

Seoul Gangnam area

I am located in Seoul in the gangnam area. Without knowing what the area was, it turns out that it is the most modern district of the city with the largest number of cafes, it is also the business center of the capital. It’s very modern and very westernized.

To reach the historic city center, however, it is not far from 45 minutes. The cost of living and especially coffee is more expensive than in Japan. Just like food. Conversely, the cost of a metro ticket is cheaper. I admit it is extremely good to land in cafes. For the rest I am in spite of everything rather tired of being in the city center with the world and the noise. But the cost of housing requires one can find only budget housing in some cities. And although it is the upscale neighborhood of Seoul, it is also where I found the cheapest private accommodation in the city.
Here we find a lot of people obsessed with performance and physical appearance, executives spending their days working on the girl seeking the best appearance possible. We are probably in one of Asia’s most trendy neighborhoods.

A little further away from the trendy center we come to the business districts with all the impressive modern towers. The area is already quieter and it is nice to walk in the middle of these great centers.
The weekend is however surprisingly empty. The days when there are no weekday workers on Main Street are surprisingly empty. There are probably many more buildings related to services and work than housing. That’s why it’s really fun to walk on Saturdays or Sundays, unlike the busy week

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