There are different types of insurance. One thing is certain, is that you need health insurance when you are abroad. This insurance can take different form depending on where you stay or the degree of coverage you may have. If we stay in a country for the long term, we will thus have adequate insurance in the country. If you sail regularly as a Digital Nomad, you can take out insurance that allows you to move freely between countries, with the same degree of assurance.

Chapka insurance is very interesting for year-round insurance when you are sailing in several countries abroad. The price will depend on the age of the insured, but also on the geographical areas. The United States and Canada are indeed more expensive. The cover is interesting. You can take out your insurance for the whole year or for a few months. It’s fast and efficient.

Safety wing is a real insurance for digital nomad. The latter allows you to navigate anywhere in the world with full insurance. One of the big advantages of Safetywing is that there is no commitment, so you can book month after month. This is the big positive point. You reserve a month, and then you pronounce if you wish. You can therefore stop at any time. The other advantage is the price, there will be no better price for digital nomads. It is therefore ergonomic and practical. I advise.

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