When you are a digital nomad or you work online, it is not necessarily always easy to have a bank abroad. Indeed, without a long term visa in a country, it is often impossible to open a bank. However, it is important to diversify your banks not to depend on a single bank, and to also have several credit cards. Between the expiration dates of the cards, the greater the risk of losing a card, it is better to have more than one bank. The ideal would be a bank in his native country, a bank in a foreign country, and an online bank.

Online bank

One of the first easy things to do, and those no matter the situation, is to take an online bank. These banks allow you to quickly open an account online, and then manage your account with an application. These banks allow you to have an account and obtain a payment card. This card will have different benefits. These will depend on the options you are going to take. You can use banks like N26 or Revolut which are among the best.

Local bank

When you are a digital nomad without a long term visa, it will be difficult to open a local bank account. However, as soon as possible, I advise you to be able to open a bank account in a foreign country, provided that the funds are secure and that you plan to spend a certain amount of time in the country. In short, it should serve you. In tourist visa, it will be complicated, even if some countries offer accounts for foreigners in vsia tourists. With a longer term visa in a country, you can open an account abroad, which is practical for diversifying your funds, but also for paying in the country. You have for example in Thailand the elite visa which allows you to stay on Thai territory for 5 years or more, and to open a bank account and have a resident status.

Payment platform

One of the other possibilities, to use in the system to diversify its banks, and to work with a payment platform. When working online, it is often essential to use payment platforms such as Paypal or Stripe. These platforms make it possible to collect income and convert it into local currencies. There are also payment transfer platforms like Wise that offer solutions for transferring, storing, and withdrawing money. I advise you to take a bank card on one of these platforms, it allows you to diversify your sources. You can then store money on these payment gateways.