The digital nomadic lifestyle is based on a simplified life where we focus on the essentials. The goal is to be able to live wherever you want in the world with a computer as your only tool. In this type of life there is geographic freedom and financial freedom. Financial freedom allows geographic freedom, even if you have to be able to optimize it to choose the places where you want to live.

This type of life is obviously not for everyone, but it is suitable for people who want a different life, outside the system, with different life goals. The life of a digital nomad highlights the simplicity of everyday life. There is no longer any social pressure, there is no longer an obsession with material goods. The minimalist attitude is put forward to be able to live with little. As a digital nomad, it is possible to live with all of your possessions in a 15 kg bag. The goal is thus not to take the head any more with all the things which are wastes of time, to focus on the success of professional objectives or personal choices