Freedom work

Freedom work


Working from a computer means geographic freedom. Indeed, you bring your business with you. All of your business can be done with a computer and an internet connection. Which means that you can choose a geographical area, a country that you like to live in. You can also quickly move from one country to another. Once the structure is created, we take its structure with us, through a laptop. It is geographical freedom. The world is big, so it is possible to choose places, and change if you want.


Earning money online give geographic freedom. Work for yourself, work for your freedom, or live from your passion. To develop a free life, create an income generated with a minimalist structure, namely skills and a laptop. Organize your schedules, work in coffee shop and more.


There are different ways to earn money online. To create a minimalist structure and be able to take its structure with you, one of the best ways is to create content. You have to offer content, create digital products and create an ecosystem around this content creation. Develop various sources of income around this creation.


Generate money through skills and content creation. Skills are the essential basis for being able to earn money. Develop skills, create content, have products and services. Creating an ecosystem is getting an income that allows you to be geographically free. Develops a complete structure using different means to monetize skills and content.