Seoul, Namsan Park

Seoul, Namsan Park

Namsan park is a giant park, plus a vegetation area located in the heart of Seoul. In Seoul the heart of the city is a giant park which is definitely located in the center of the city. The transport network is also around. It is really a pleasure to walk in this space while being in the heart of a huge city. Indeed, when you walk you just feel like you’re far from the city, no car noise. And yet we are in the middle.

It is actually a hill and is the perfect place for jogging, sports or simply a walk to relax. Namsan Park is also the most important place in Seoul and is therefore an obvious hill to climb. With a height of only 262 m, you can easily reach the summit in less than an hour. The main trail is essentially a long walk and stairs to climb. There is also a cable car for those who prefer not to walk, as well as buses. But the pleasure comes in walking.

At the top, the Seoul tower that overlooks the city. But if you did not want to pay to go up the tower, know that at the top of the hill you have the center of attraction of the tower with the free observatory on the fourth floor. From here, we already have a magnificent view of the surroundings of Seoul.
An ideal place for a half-day visit. Or just to go for a walk regularly, it’s so nice to have such a big vegetation in the heart of a city.








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