Seoul Seonjeongneung

Seoul Royal Tomb is a small park located in the Gangnam district of Seoul. It is a park recounting the royal ceremonies of the past. This is often the weekend walk for citizens, used as a ballad park. It is also a place to visit for tourists. Nothing very impressive but a pleasant stroll of an hour in the quiet district of seoul. Do not miss it if you are in the Gangnam area.

In the past, memorial rites were performed in the sacrificial building. Small sculptures on the eaves called Japsang were carved in the shape of animals, such as monkeys, and were believed to exorcise evil spirits. Next to the sacrificial building, there is a pavilion and a tombstone for the tomb of the king. Sculptures of sheep and tigers surround the tomb and are guardians of the deceased king. There is also a statue of a military officer bearing a sword. In front of the tomb is an outstanding sight called ‘Mangjuseok,’ which is a pair of stones designed to guide the spirit of the king to his tomb. Unlike the tombs of the kings, the queen’s tomb, Wanghureung, is simple. It doesn’t have any pavilions or sacrificial buildings, and is surrounded only by stone sculptures as guardians.

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