Arrived in Seoul

Arrived at my new destination: South Korea. After a full month spent in Osaka, I had to change air and find a new destination where I had never been, I opted for Seoul, only 2 hours flight from Japan and Osaka. It is a neighboring country so it was a good opportunity to see a new country without going far. So I found a small budget room in the trendy Seoul area for two weeks. Without knowing if I will stay read long or not. South Korea and the second most developed country in Asia just after Japan.

My first impressions are that Seoul is very much westernized, much more than Japan. The city is modern, extremely developed and very westernized. When you walk down the street you feel like you’re in a western country. Here again many people. I continue my trip in Asia. Now that i’m on this continent it is cheaper and easier to move from place to place.

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