Work away experience

Work away experience

I made my first workaway experience, working in exchange of food and accomodation. I really spent very few money on the last week. It is very useful to travel on budget. Generally i spent no more than ten euros per day. I work everymorning, seven days on seven, between 3 and 4 hours per day. I preferred to chose this instead to work more during five days and to have to days off.

My work here is just to do gardening. I improve and clean the garden. I water the plants, i make plantation. It is a cute garden with many flowers and vegetables.

Nothing really hard. Moreover the climate here is probably the mildest in Canada, so the big majority of plants are the same than in France. It is just than here we don’t see mediterranean plants. For the rest it is the same it is just that we can see flowering not exactly in the same period. Very nice quality of plants in garden store. When the summer is not really hot this help.

I was able to arrange a canoe. It was empty when i arrived and i should develop it.

Here is the place where i sleep it is a mix inside between a bedroom, a workstore and a garage. For free and in summer it is absolutely enought.

Outside of the city center, in this house we can let everything opened during the day and the night it is totally safe.

All the gardens are totally opened, there are no fences, houses can stay opened and there is no problem. It is plaisant. In France people need to be hidden by big fences, to be careful to close their house, and even in somes places to have alarms to protect.


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