Victoria nice walkway around the bay

Victoria nice walkway around the bay

The city is surrounded by the water, the coastline is cut and all the coastline is laid out with numerous paths.  It is very plaisant to walk on these paths. Beautiful view everytime and moreover at the end of the day. Depending of the location we can see all the harbour of the city, the modern bridge, the fisherman village. And in an other side we have the view on Salish sea. Salish sea is partially separated from pacific ocean, Vancouver island, Vancouver peninsula and the state of Washington United States.

On the bay of Victoria, there is a small fisherman village, floating on the water. Pleasant and cute place to see. It is just around the corner from Victoria’s Inner Harbour. This is a unique marine destination offering food kiosks, unique shops and tour adventures in a working harbour. You can go for a lunch, buy seafood fresh off the boat, and admire the view.

Two best walkaway at Victoria:

  • This seaside walkway runs from the bridge on Johnson St. All the way to the West Bay Marina. A small hour waliking.   It’s wheelchair accessable, completely paved and flat; it has numerous benches along the way to stop and look at the bay.

  • Dallas Road Runs from the fisherman village  to Hollywood Crescent in Fairfield.  It is a long walk, but many possibillity to stop in small beach covered by gravels… Nice view on Salish sea.





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