My daily time

My daily time

Finally i didn’t spend many times to explore the surroundings. Cause in fact the worning i work as a Workaway. And, the afternoon after the meal i take the bus to go to the city center. And there i spent the big part of my afternoon to work on my computer.

My two best places where i go to work on my compter are the greateast  Victoria public library. This is really a good and big public library where you can stay. Numerous desk to stay with outlet and a wifi connection. And sure everything for free.

The second place is the starbuck coffee. It is a chain of coffee that we can see in numerous countries. In Canada it is the number one so in Victoria we can find around twelve coffee of this chain in the city. It is essentially great for the free and efficient wifi connection. For the rest the drinks are not bad, iced or hot drink, available in different size. We can eat pastries also. Drinks are affordable, but at the opposite food is expensive. The only problem is that there are not enought table to seat, so depending of the moment it is full.

I won’t overtake the month in Canada. So i just finish my month and then i go in Thailand for one month. I took my flight, long flight. First airplane until Taipei in Tawain. And then Taipei to Bangkok.

Not the best season but i don’t care, the prices will be the lowest to find cheap accomodation to stay. And i need to be  free full time and to have all my days in the week to have the time to work on my projects.


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