Why you need to travel solo

Why you need to travel solo

I will now show you how to travel solo. Traveling solo is not only ideal in relation to your personality, but apart from that there are strong reasons why you must travel solo. That’s why I invite you to travel alone because it’s an experience that can transform and improve your life. You can of course travel with someone else but I invite you to have this experience. I started traveling alone and I did a lot of my travels alone, I do not regret anything and it has improved the person I was.

To be free

Freedom is defined as the absence of constraints and the possibility of choosing. It is above all a voluntary realization, an attitude. One is free when one substitutes an active attitude for a situation undergone, it is you who realize your destiny instead of suffering it. It is interesting to feel free when traveling alone. We have arrived in a world so connected that we are much more dependent on man-made elements, but also dependent on others. Everything is forged around social connections, often via the products of communication, everything is forged on a desire to give free rein to temptations by the proposal of material goods. By traveling alone, you will be able to get away from some of that to get back to simpler things that will ultimately give you more freedom. You can totally travel alone, and have your laptop, a phone and an internet connection, but for the rest the relationship with the technologies, with the distractions, with the way of life is totally different.

One can find one’s form of freedom through thought, displacement, discovery, and especially solo travel.

To do what you want

Let’s move on to a more simplistic reason that is simply logical. When traveling alone, you can do what you want when you want. It’s really a big advantage, to be able to organize your days according to your interests, to be able to plan your wake up time, to eat at the time you want. You will understand everything is easy when you are alone because there is no need to compromise. Maybe in everyday life you will not see these benefits because the mode of operation is based on a routine so the approach is different. On the other hand you will be able to understand the power to be able to do what one wants while traveling. To associate with moving, being in new places, discovering new cultures and new people, doing what you want when you want to become much more powerful. The problem of traveling with one or other people, as united as you may be, is that you are always dependent on someone else, which means you have to compromise, discuss and define choice, find common destinations or common attractions. Sometimes it can happen that it completely ruins a trip. So of course there are interests to travel to two or more that we will not find in the solo trip, but I will stay here to emphasize the interest of traveling alone.

To change the daily

The solo trip will allow you to change the daily. Indeed in a routine life where everything is calibrated during the week it can sometimes become complicated to continue in this direction. This repeated character has the positive effect of giving you an impression of stability, but it can express itself a real lassitude that can push to go to see new horizons. That’s why we use vacations to change our minds. To allow yourself to blow and change air. This is also why during the holidays it is appreciated to move. However the number of weeks of holidays being very limited, a limit arises to be able to change this daily life. We remain anchored in the work or in our home years be really able to come off. The solution is to leave to travel in the long term so as to be able to change this daily life.

To change your vision of life

The solo trip will allow you to change your vision of life. This is probably one of the only ways to approach a different approach. You must have experienced travel experiences that are life experiences to change your vision. When traveling, we must often be spontaneous and we let ourselves be guided by new people we meet, we decide to walk in places full of novelties in our eyes, we discover new cultures, and therefore ways of life different. You will change your vision on many topics such as consumer society, lifestyle, lifestyle choices, comfort zone, freedom and more. The trip brings a deep reflection on all these themes and especially to give answers through the experience. I’m not saying that you will not think about these themes when you are not traveling, but I say that you will probably think little about it, and above all you will not have an answer to give for lack of concrete experiences. To give answers you must have traveled.

To change your vision on life, you have to get out of everyday life, and you have to get out of the comfort zone. Going on a trip means going out of one’s comfort zone. When we cross borders, we are confronted with another way of life, a barrier of languages, different cultures, different ways of doing things, in short, a whole different way of life. We must adapt and use creativity sometimes to achieve our ends. That’s getting out of the comfort zone.

When we come home and come back to our home country, we have a totally different view of life. We realize the true value of what is important, and the opposite of what is not. We relativize a lot of situations, we become much more tolerant, we totally review its threshold of comfort by understanding that happiness does not go through material goods or money. In short, the trip allows you to live differently in your country of origin. Because your life experiences will have brought you something unique.

To not regret

It is important not to have regret in life. That’s why from the moment you have travel ideas you have to realize them. If this hangs in your head is that you want it. And if you do not run yourself you risk the risk of regretting for the rest of your life. When we talk about travel, we often hear this phrase “I will travel later”. This is the sentence that must be avoided and above all it is one of the worst decisions to make. It’s just absurd. Yes you can be caught in the daily life with family, with work, activities, friendships. And so you have brakes to travel. These brakes we will see then how to get rid of them. The problem is that with these things you are ready to drop a part of the dream that lies dormant in you, a part of experience that you feel the desire to move forward. It is clear that in society traveling will not be what will give you rewards. You will sometimes be criticized, during the time you travel you will not contribute for retirement, you expose yourself to different moments of life. The easy way out would be a job that works, pays well, has a big house and has a family.

No matter what your surroundings or society think, you must live the life you want. You must fulfill your dreams without waiting. Sometimes you have to be selfish and think about your happiness and your achievements.

And the longer you wait, the more complicated it will be to travel, the more restrictions you have, so that’s why you should not spend your life waiting. Imagine now reaching the age of retirement without having the opportunity to discover another way of life, to discover other populations, to observe some wonders that nature offers us. And you will not have more time. That’s why we must not wait. What is important to have is the choice. To have the choice, one must be able to experiment. To travel solo and to open oneself to the world is to be able to give oneself choices over several possibilities of life. And these several possibilities of life, you can do several alternately.

To get the best of you

Traveling helps to get the best of us. When you are stuck in the daily routine, you are too much compared to others, we are too many points of reference compared to other elements. And that can really hurt personal development. By traveling solo, you will be able to exploit the best of yourself, by which I mean that you will regularly face new, unknown situations. It will be important to surpass yourself to overcome these situations in the best conditions. Getting the best out of yourself, for example, can increase your confidence in everything you see and do. I can guarantee that when you travel abroad in several different countries alone, that you take the means of transport, that you locate on maps, that you must learn the basic words, or that you walk in the street through foreign populations that work differently, you then get a confidence that impresses you. You decouple in yourself many skills that you probably did not know existed. It is not in everyday life that you will improve your sense of direction, it is not in everyday life that you will quickly improve your self-confidence, it is not in everyday life that you will free yourself from the eyes. it is not in everyday life that you will acquire the spontaneity of moving from one place to another without having to plan much. On the other hand while traveling you will be able to develop all these skills quickly, and without the help of anybody.

To get to know you better

Travel is a good personal development element, and it will be stronger if you do it alone. The confrontation with a new environment and the total exit of the comfort zone allow to know each other better.

During the solo trip you are subject to many situations that reveal the true person within you. As we have seen, we must develop our sense of direction, we must develop faculties of adaptations, we must integrate a new environment, we must open to the world available to you. As a result, you will be able to see how you will cope and how you will live it. Because you are in the unknown and you will never be confronted with this in your daily life. And that’s why we talk about self-discovery, to see who we really are. When we are in the daily comfort zone, we may think we really know who we are, but ultimately it is wrong because our way of being is too much relative to the environment around us. During the trip you will learn about yourself in depth. And when we return to the everyday life after performing these experiences, we feel different, and many things change in our vision.

It is by the solitude in the experience that you will succeed the best to structure you, to analyze, to define you at best. And you will gain confidence, proud of what you are doing. You will be able to fully understand your introversion as well as your energy level.

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