Things that i like in Kaohsiung and you will probably like

Things that i like in Kaohsiung and you will probably like

The cost of living

I will start with the cost of living. The cost of living in Kaohsiung is attractive compared to the standard of living displayed. This is valid in the city but also in Taiwan in general. Having compared many countries in Asia I can tell you that the relationship between living conditions, level of services, security, with the cost of living, that Taiwan is probably my number 1. Indeed as I explained the security and very good, which means that there is no scam as there is no real risk of theft or aggression, on the same state of mind as Japan . There is also extremely interesting and well developed infrastructure. The transport network is good. Just to see in Kaohsiung there are three lines to get around the city. And it is very nice to use the metro or the circular tram. The standard of living is good, the city is clean. Small supermarkets have everything you need. There is no junk in the streets. In short we have everything we need. But unlike a country like South Korea or Japan you have a much lower cost of living. So understand that the relationship between the proposed quality of life and cost of living is really very nice.

Housing can have some cost it’s true. Although ultimately it is quite affordable to find the right places. The food is cheap, whether in small street restaurants, but also in more upscale restaurants. The price of transport is very modest to walk by subway or take the train and cross the country. There are many visits to do free, and when it is paid the sums are very modest. I also find the price of cheap coffee.

The diversity of the environment

The other thing I like about Kaohsiung is the diversity of the environment. The city is big and there is even as much population as in the capital. However it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. The city center is quite noisy for sure with all scooters and cars. By taking the tram you can quickly get away from the city center and have a haven of peace.

You do not even need to go far, walk along the ‘love river’, there are no roads and there are trails for pedestrians. The opportunity to walk quietly and admire the view. In parallel to this the city is a large port area but also has a beautiful coastline. You can not find the best beaches in Taiwan here and you can not swim, but you can totally enjoy the ocean view and the beautiful sunset. I like to take the orange line and go to the terminus of this line to the station ‘Sizihwan’, from there I walk to the marina. The marina is also a very nice place. From the marina you can walk along the coastline, see many fishermen and enjoy the view. The environment is much quieter and you can easily go back to the universities of the city. This corner is very well laid out, there are sports fields and a nice beach. This is where I enjoy going at the end of the day, walk and ask me a moment at the end of the day while watching the sunset. You can also see many locals and students come here at the end of the day to admire the view.

There is also an aquatic center. In this place you can also walk on the hills, the opportunity to also make interesting walks and always enjoy the view. North side you can easily access the Lotus Pond to walk or enjoy the botanical garden. And conversely if you want to enjoy the city you can go to the big shopping centers, enjoy the many restaurants, night markets. There are also times to visit and many places to wander around the city.

The cafes

What I like in Kaoshiung, as in Taiwan, are the many cafes. Indeed we can find cafes on every street corner and it’s something important for months. For two reasons, the first is to be able to rest and drink in a pleasant and relaxed. It is always warm enough even if the few months of winter are pleasant, and we often want to drink something fresh. Fortunately there is always a nice place to sit and have a drink. The second reason is that there are also many interesting cafés to stay to work, read or study. So you will see many cafes with locals who are working, or people who are studying. The majority of cafes offer free internet access, which allows you to connect with your device. Another thing is to go to a cafe alone to work or study. This is valid in several Asian countries, and especially in Taiwan.

My favorite choice is the Startbucks located in Shaochuan away from the city center. I love this cafe for its rental. Indeed located right by the water with a great view over the whole of Kaohsiung Bay. It is as interesting to have the view during the day as the sight at night. Regularly I was going to ask myself at the end of the day in this cafe where I could work and relax, observing the bay. In addition I always have room in this cafe which is vast. The room is very nice. To get there I moved to the terminus of the orange line Sizihwan before making a pleasant walk of several minutes to reach the cafe. It is always a pleasure to cross the bridge that crosses the marina. Here again a very beautiful view. I can tell you that I went to this Startbucks almost every day. It allowed me at the end of the day to escape from downtown, to be in a quiet place while being a few minutes walk from the terminus of the orange line.

Pier-2 Art Center

I really like this part of the city and this famous Pier-2 art Center area. The first time I arrived in Kaohsiung, my home was located a few hundred meters from this area. This is the first thing I saw about Kaohsiung and it immediately charmed me. I found this area extremely rewarding, pleasant, original. I have traveled to many places but I have never seen a landscaped area this way. This abandoned industrial area has been completely transformed into the main art center of Kaohsiung City. At Pier-2 Art Center, one can see unusual and fashionable art exhibitions, as well as art installations. But it is definitely the whole of this zone which is pleasant. On top of that we can see the new tram crossing the area on a totally wooded space. It’s a great area to explore and you will not be bored for a second.

There is just too much to watch. With a light breeze coming from the ocean, a walk through the old warehouses will inspire the bizarre creative that lies dormant within you. And it’s really good to sit down and stay in the middle of all these shows. Among the popular installations I can mention Music of Chairs, a work of art illustrating memories of the past. The murals in this area are very colorful and inspiring. Look for the 3D station and the 12 zodiac animals. It’s really a crush and it’s among the best things to see in Taiwan.

Move in the subway

What I like about Kaohsiung is its transport network, including the metro. The first time I arrived I picked up the red line from the airport to stop at the ‘Formosa Boulevard’ station where the famous dome of light is located. I was impressed by the size of the resort with the impressive number of exits.The good thing is that the network is never full, which means that the size of the stations and the frequency of the trams makes that there is never any world and what is it pleasant to be able to take a transport when there is no world. I even thought it was a special day when people were not working because I thought the resort was surprisingly empty.

And to come back to this to move, it is certain that it greatly facilitates visits. So I could move very easily from one end to the other, and especially for a modest cost because as I explained, the price of a ticket is cheap. I also enjoy taking the tram to be able to observe the view as one moves. The principle of the circular tram is very popular and allows to definitely go to all places of Kaohsiung.

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