One month in Jomtien beach Pattaya

One month in Jomtien beach Pattaya

A month in Jomtien beach next to Pattaya. Here I am back in Thailand again. Back to a place I know. This time, budget optimization with housing rented on a monthly basis on AirBnb. A very interesting price for an apartment at the end of Jomtien Beach, far from the world and the brothel of Pattaya. A quiet place where you can stroll just by staying in the buildings. Indeed gym, giant pool, common place, a very nice place.

The good thing is that on 30 floors and several buildings at this time, only a tenth of the building was inhabited. The result is that you have a swimming pool and a gym almost for yourself and you can rest easy for an affordable price.

Having already traveled to Pattaya, I realized that I could not stand the city center apart for working in the startbucks. The apartment at the end of Jomtien is quiet and you can easily stay the day in Jomtien without having to go to central Pattaya.

In the program of my month, enjoy the calm of a nice apartment to work on my videos. Enjoy the cafes to be able to write. Relax in the pool a little each day. Meet people and live differently.

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