Wat Pho temple

Wat Pho temple

Wat Pho is also called the temple of the reclining Buddha. He is located in the historical center of Bangkok. The historical center of Bangkok create a break with the rest of Bangkok. In fact we can see many good and typical architecture about the buddhism. Here it is a little less crowded, and the big buildings of the rest of the city let place to historical building, garden and river.

I choose to make the visit of Wat Pho because it is the biggest buddha and biggest golden buddha. It is first an attractive temple where all the architecture and the developping of the build is really high quality. The shapes of the structures look like towers and it is beautiful with the decoration with ceramic tiles and floral patterns.

The big buddha is46 meters long and 15 meters high. Although the image is sometimes referred to as the lying Buddha or the sleeping Buddha, the Reclining Buddha shows the passing of the Buddha into final Nirvana after death. It is so large it feels like it has been squeezed into the building.
Like in every other temple in Thailand, it is necessary, entering to see the buddha, to remove your shoes.

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