I decided to plan a trip in Japan for the second time in the year. In fact my first travel there was really great and, enjoying the fact to go in Thailand in Asia, i made i small trip in Japan during one week. I took the airplane from Bangkok to Tokyo where the change of temperature was hight, to change from the 35 degrees of Bangkok to the 5 degrees of Tokyo.

I saw first the small island of Enoshima, located around 50 kilometers under the center of Tokyo, along the ocean. The is a small island linked to the shore by a bridge which is avery nice place for the tourist and people living in Tokyo for a relax day.

Just after the bridge there are many restaurants, product shops and souvenirs shops in a plaisant street connecting the best place of interest of the island, starting by the temple.The temple is the base at the bottom of the visit. After we can continue and reach a beautiful modern garden.

Tthe garden is called  Samuel Cooking Garden because it was etablished by an English merchant Samuel Cocking during the Meiji period. The garden mixes a style between japanese garden and europaean garden, with also many exotic plants. At this period we could see the best plants flowering in winter. Moreover the garden is totally illuminated if we want to see it during the night because it is developed with many garland and lighting arrangements. I saw the garden during the day.

After the garden we continue with the visit of tower, going up at the last floor. This tower is called the Sea Candle. It has a heitght of 60 meters, and 120 meters above the sea level.The observation platform is great and we have definitely a perfect view on the surroundings, but also little on Tokyo and even Mount Fuji. At the moment we can realize that the coast in Japan is also beautiful with long beach , blue water, and this just beside Tokyo.

I liked the place because the weather was very sunny i couldn’t have a best weather to see the surroundings on the platform. Moreover it remains peaceful and it was not crowded, even if it was just winter.

More information here about Enoshima

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