Dark side of Thailand

Dark side of Thailand

In my opinion Thailand has many nice places and cultures to enjoy. It is a totally different life from a western country. However there are also wrong side on the country that we will be able to find not just here. I didn’t make pictures about the wrong side because i prefer to keep the blog with beautiful pictures. The country is very very touristic and the big part of the economy is focused on the tourism. Consequences in popular places we have the feelings that sometimes it is to much for the tourists, and that people are focused on the money. In every corner taxidriver and other tuktuk trying to find tourists and making paid three times a normal prices to drive. People are nice and not insisting so it is okey but it is to try to negociate, sometimes a little annoying. The drive on the road is crazy and it is not for nothing that it is the first or second country in the world with the most mortal accident on the road. Motorbike are everywhere, most of time without helmet. We have the feeling that there is no traffic laws. The pedestrian is never priority so pedestrian crossing don’t serve to anything. Sometime cars and motorbike advance even when the traffic light is red. Brief when you want to cross a road you have to be very careful.

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The other problem in my sense is the trashes that we can find everywhere. The garbage are everywhere on the street, along the beach, along the road. Sometimes it is like to see landfills in the nature. No dustbin on the street, different kind off life. As a result people, local threw papers, trashes on the street because it is very difficult to find dustbin.  And nothing to clean this, no people on maintenance. I’m not going to judge people trying to make money day after day with the tourists because it is normal and it is also comprehensive in the difficulty to not be sensitive about the planet in the same way. . But for people like me enjoying beautiful landscape and having a conscious about the nature, it is hard to walk and to see all the trashes outside. Without to talk about the ocean or the river, probably really polluted by plastic.

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City like Bangkok are very polluted ad noised, between the warm, the cars, motorbikes, and the buildings, it is a noise environment.

There is also big contrast about the population. We can see in Bangkok people with nice jobs in services, well dress, and just beside the poverty with people trying to sell their products as a street seller, and living in shantytown. As we can see high restaurant and at the same time restaurant of street under a wooden shed.

Also many expatriate like american retired, hand to hand with young thai lady, sometimes 30 years old or even more of différence. It is a little sleazy to see. There is in fact a big business for money expatriate, retired, and girls in thailand.

I wanted to see that by my own eyes for the expérience and to have my idea. And in fact it is very sleazy in few area where everything is about money, appearance and pathetic représentation.

It is not rare during the evening to see at the same time old retired drinking beer with young girl, prostitute, and at the same time to see guys without legs or harms, baby and mom sleeping on the street on a blanket, wandering dogs in the middle of trashes…

Thailand has many nice things to offer like the culture, the historical places, the sun, the nice and decontract people everywhere, the beach. But also behind the appearance, when we take a glance deeper,  we look the disagrements, sometimes unknow, and it is difficult  to guarantee that, depending of the place that we come.

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