Let’s start my long time travel

Let’s start my long time travel

Here we go. I’m just started my long travel during few months. 6 to 7 months to explore the world being totally free.

I’m now a full time nomad. It is a strange feeling to know that, beeing abroad, having the feeling to not have past and not have future. Just a present time.

I planned to do this since a moment, i just needed to find the right moment. It is the achievement of a project where i invested time and motivation. With the flight, i hope to cross all the oceans to make a total turn of the world. I start by Canada before to cross pacifical ocean and to go in Asia.

Anyway i’m arrived in Canada to discover North america. Arrived in Vancouver in British Columbia, i took after the smallest airplane that i had never seen. Just the commander and twenty places, no more, to be obliged to bend down to walk inside the airplane. But great experience it was to try a small local airplaine during this thirty minutes.

I reached after the city of Victoria, capital of british Columbia, in Vancouver Islands. There, as Canada is an expensive country, i started Workaway experience. In fact in exchange of meal and accomodation, i’m working an half day every day in a house of a local person. I do gardening during this time. As a result i have the same type of day here. It is a pleasant experience but sometimes it is a little difficult cause i’m not totally free.  Finally i don’t have many times to visit the surrounded so i’m focused just on the city and close environment. The environment is peacefull. I have the feeling to be a little in United states. At the same times the United States are just at 50 kilometers from here.

Weather is just perfect, sunny weather everyday without exception and not too hot temperature. The city is surrounded by water in many area. The city is very touristic at this moment of the years.


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