Traveling without a return ticket

Traveling without a return ticket

When traveling for the long term or going around the world, it is impossible to plan your return. That does not make sense. When you arrive in a country, it’s also difficult to know your future destination next month, as well as the exact date. It’s a way to be free to leave the country.

Therefore you will take flights without return ticket. And that’s where you will be able to have problems. The problems are rather rare, but it can happen.

The question to ask is the following, are we really obliged to return a ticket?

Regulations in some countries require travelers to provide a return air ticket to enter the territory. In fact, it is very difficult to say with certainty whether this proof of exit will actually be required. The feedbacks diverge, some have been denied boarding, others have passed without any concern, in short, it’s a bit of Russian roulette. From my own experience I have not yet been turned away from a country for this reason, but I have already had to sign papers that I was aware that I could be refused entry into the country when I would wait. If the procedure was fully respected, yes you would not be accepted by the airline at the time of embarkation. It depends a lot on countries, which may be stricter than others, as well as your nationality.

The past you had on your passport can also played. If you have already had problems because you have not respected the visa, it will work against you. If you have several trips under your belt in the country and there is no problem with your visa, it will work in your favor.

It may also depend on the customs officer when you arrive in a country. The majority of the time it will not ask you to show a return ticket and you will pass without problem. But just find someone who has decided to be annoying, and that can be a problem.

Often Customs is less bothered by these types of checks, and so many countries delegate this task to airlines. This means that it is at the time of registration that you will be asked for the famous paper. And believe me, you’re likely to be asked, or asked questions to justify that you do not have one. If the airline passes a passenger who has no proof of return ticket or continuation, it is up to the airline to pay the return ticket for this passenger if the latter is altered to the customs of his destination. You will understand why some airlines are very strict with travelers without return ticket.

Be careful not to look suspicious when asked questions. You may have questions about your reasons for entering a country by only customs. But when you take your boarding ticket, sometimes when you board, or after passing the customs by other agents. These are simply questions that the services ask travelers from time to time to be sure that there is no suspiciousness. In these cases calmly answer that you are there as a toutist to visit the country and discover the culture simply. And if he asks about how long you plan to stay, answer honestly by giving an idea, and say that you are a traveler who discovers several countries.

From there, if I do not want to take any risk, and I do not want to pay dearly for a plane ticket that I will not use, how do I do?

The only solution will be despite everything to buy a return ticket or a ticket justifying another destination. At the counter this ticket can be expensive, so plan to take it in advance.

Otherwise if you take the risk and it blocks for verification, you need to have a laptop, you must arrive early to check the boarding, and as this you will always have the time to connect, to buy a low-cost ticket to a nearby destination and show it a little after checking. After you can try to get the ticket refunded, but I admit that it’s usually complicated. I think the best is to take a ticket, the first prize for the nearest country.

Some propose as a solution to show a fake ticket, ie just a pre-booking before having paid his ticket. I strongly advise you to opt for this solution. If you get caught at the airport, you risk a big fine or jail for forgery and forgery. This is not worth the cost.

Apart from this solution, you can go to this site:

OneWayFly is a service to travel without a return ticket.

The principle is simple: this site allows you to obtain a continuation ticket valid until the date of your flight. Any booking is accompanied by a PNR number in your name that you can use to check you on the airline’s website. It is therefore a real ticket that you can show at the check-in counter at the airport, proving your exit from the territory.

Simply fill in a form with your name and the date of the continuation ticket, the airport of departure and arrival, and your email address. It’s simple and it works. The ticket is delivered to you in PDF by e-mail and it is valid until the date of the flight.

The service costs only 19 € and allows you to obtain in a few hours only an official ticket confirmation. It’s cheaper than buying a real ticket and it’s a lot safer than making a fake.

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