Travel trip in Sweden

Travel trip in Sweden

In my purpose to discover scandinavian countries, i went to week at the end of february in Sweden.. It was the end of the winter. Instead of to take the airplane and to change, i had the crazy idea to link Sweden from France by the train. So i decided to take the train until Copenhagen. The ride was long i confess but it was an other kind of way to move on the distance. So i took a first train in France between La Rochelle and Paris, then a second train between Paris and Cologne, a third between Cologne and Hambourg, and at the end a fourth between Hambourg and Copenhagen. So around 15 hours between Paris and Copenhagen.. I don’t regret because for example i crossed  the sea between Rostock in Germany  and Gedser in Denmark by the ferry. It was the first time that i saw this. The train stops on the ferry and it is carried on the ferry. The passengers get out of the train and are invited to spend time on the ferry. The cross lasted around 45 minutes.

So i’m arrived to Copenhagen. I’m stayed one night and the tomorrow i rented a car in the capital to link Sweden. It was the real departure for Sweden. And i wanted to do this because i wanted to cross the famous Oresund bridge, linking Denmark and Sweden on a total lenght of 8 km. There is one part on a bridge and the other part on a tunnel. It was very pleasant to drive on the bridge because we can have an amazing view of the surroundings.

For the weather in Sweden at this period, generally you can except to not have a lot of rain during the winter. The weather is usually dry, and so snowy and cold. I can confirm that  at the end of february and beginning of marsh in my concern. In the center around Vattern lake, Vanern lake and on the west coast near Goteborg and above, i had between -5° and -3° the morning, and between  1° and 4° the afternoon. In Malmo and in the south it was a little different and less cooler, around 6/7° the afternoon. So i was very happy because i didn’t think to see as snow as like that. And finally outside of the South, going up near the center and Vattern and Vanern lake, everywhere was covered by the snow. I saw frozen lakes and lakes covered by the snow and it was avesome. Frozen lakes are my best souvenir. Moreover i had sunny days around three quarters of the time there, so it was very pleasant to wal and to be outside with the dry sunny weather.

It is sure that i went in Sweden for the nature and the landscape, the lakes, the ocean, the firs, the fisherman villages…but cities like Goteborg and Malmo where i’m stayed during my trip are very interesting to visit. And we can find many peaceful village in the countryside where it is good to stop for a moment.

So my trip consisted aroud 12 days to drive near the center of Sweden and to see Vanern lake and Vatern lake, it was my main purpose. And then to continue linking the west coast and to see the bohuslan between Norway limit and Goteborg. To stay a little in Goteborg and to go down along the sea from Goteborg to Malmo. And then to come back to Copenhagen and to visit a little this capital and to have a small idea of Denmark.

I sleept three days with couchsurfing at a nice house in the countryside, with a very friendly couple. It was a nice experience. I sleept also many nights with airbnb in Goteborg, Malmo and in the countryside too. Everytime it was a pleasure to sleep with the habitant, and the price was everytime very affordable, even sometimes cheaper. I sleept at the hostel just in Copenhagen. At the final i didn’t spend a lot for the accomodation thanks to airbnb and couchsurfing. Sweden is a little expensive but i didn’t find real difference between my country in France. And in comparaison with Norway or Iceland, i can say that Sweden is not expensive in comparaison of this two countries.

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