Nice place around Vattern lake

Nice place around Vattern lake

Just before to go in the south of Vanern lake, i saw a little part of the second biggest lake in Sweden : Vattern lake. Lake Vättern is a legendary lake, known not only for it’s mirages, great depth and heavy storms, but for me for the  natural beauty. It is surrounded by the forest of firs. Without to know exactly where to go and wandering on the road, i stopped and i found by chance this incredible beautiful place, between the villages of  Karlsborg and Granvik, where i’m stayed an halfday to walk, to rest and where i ate for the lunch with my pic nic. The name is Djaknesundet i think. And it was so great.

This place was in a creek, with a river flowing into the lake. The color of the water was cristal clear under the sun. The coast was very cut up. The weather was so pleasant and so sunny, reflecting on the lake. So i decided to eat my pic nic on a pontoon for a small boat and to sit there. The view was unbelievable and with the light on the water, again frozen by location, it was the best place ever to eat in the nature. I took my time in order to enjoy the moment.

And during this moment i thought to much about the things, the situation, me, so much in my head. And i could imagine to stay here for a long time and to change my kind of life, instead that to return in my boring place in France. I wanted to be able to be here for a longer time and to disconnect about everything. So at this moment, nobody on the surroundings, just me and the peacefull noise of the water and it was all. Just one or two small boat crossing the rive rarely. And again one more time it was so cool to be there at the end of the winter but also i wanted to be there in the summer and to contemplate for example the sunset on a long day from a sunny summer day or to go swimming on the lake. It will be probably i hope for a next time.So yes this place was one of my best peacefull place ever.

I saw the cute village of Karlsborg, very pleasant to sea because it is located between in one side, Vattern lake, and in the other side, an other small lake. So the city is surrounded by water. So i advice to make a stop in the village and to rest a little there.



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