I’m stayed to Copenhagen not a very long time but enought to discover the main part of the capital. It was in fact my point of departure and my point of return for a travel in Sweden. But i had to enjoy the moment to see a little the city. The capital of the coutry where the population is ranked at the best about the happiness. So i stayed around three days. My hostel was near the central station and so near the center. Copenhagen is a city with around 600 000 inhabitants. We can make a big part of the center walking but for the rest the best thing is to take the bus or to have a bike. One of the most shocking thing was the culture to use the bike in the city, everybody can use a bike, it is a way of life for the population and i think that is very great. We can rent a bike everywhere and moreover there is an incredible numbers of lane. The numbers of people using the car to go to work in under 30%. So it is very impressive probably one of the more capital in the world using the bike as a way of transport. So it was definitely a show to see that when i was a simple pedestrian. Like every scandinavian cities, Copenhagen is also clean, modern and safe.It is a pleasure to wander on the new harbor, one of the famous site in Copenhagen. In this place there are many good restaurants, coffees, bars…And all this in very colored building. This place is very lively and the view on the harbour and on the boats is pleasant when you are on the terrace.

One of the things that you have to see is the little mermaid. The little mermaid is a statute represanting the symbol of Copenhagen. The silouhetteis issting on a rock at the edge of the sea. Less impressive than on the picture, but you have to see that for the symbol.

An other place to see that i wanted to go was Christiana. The area has drawn nonconformists from across the globe, attracted by the concept of collective business, workshops and communal living. It is wonderland of whimsical DIY homes, cosy gardens and craft shops, eateries, beer gardens… It is already a place for the cannabis which is not forbidden inside the area. The politics don’t touch to this area and let this like that. It is an anarchic city in the Capital. It was very strange to cross Christiana and it was the only place where i didn’t feel safe because we could see very strange people so i was careful on the place.

In bounty outside of Copenhagen there are many beautiful beaches, wooded parks and elegant lakes also await just minutes away. I had a problem with my camera at this moment so i’m sorry i didn’t really have picture of Copenhagen.


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