Back to Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Back to Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Back in the city of Kaohsiung which is one of my favorite cities in Asia. A week to review a few things that I had already seen and to find the same cafes. Although Taipei is nice, I still have a preference for Kaoshiung, the city is more relaxed, and I prefer the architecture of the city.

Also return to Lotus Pond, the ideal place to walk and relax in Kaohsiung, easily accessible by subway. Lotus Pond is the largest pond in Zuoying District in Kaohsiung. The name might mislead you, but the size of the pond is 42 hectares. It lies between two mountains and the water comes from the Kaoping River. The pond is famous for the view of the sunset with the reflection of the mountain in the pond. This pond was not so vast three hundred years ago. In 1686, a mayor built a temple near the pond and planted many lotus flowers in the pond. This is where the origin of his name comes from. After two enlargements, this pond is important not only for the view, but also for the irrigation of the surrounding farm.

The most interesting thing about the pond is that there are more than twenty temples worshiping different deities around the lake. The four most representative are the Confucius Temple, the Chunqiou Hall, the Dragon & Tiger Towers and the North Pole Pavilion. Legend has it that Guanyin’s statues about dragons were one of the miracles the Guanyin saw in the sky. The North Pole Pavilion venerates the god Xuanwu. The statue measures seventy-two meters and is one of the tallest buildings in the lake in Southeast Asia. South of the lotus pond, you will find dragon and tiger pagodas. To cross the mouth of the dragon and leave the symbol of the tiger symbolizes misery in luck!

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