Thailand first day and first feeling

Thailand first day and first feeling

To continue my trip in Asia, i decided to go for the first time in thailand. So i planned a trip during two weeks, not in a row because i made a step in Japan during one week at the same time. It was in february, february is a nice season to go in Thailand because it is always the dry season, so not too hot and no rain, and at the same time the country is less crowded by the tourists than in december or juanary. I took my airplane in Paris during the midday on sunday, to arrive the tomorrow at Bangkok at 6 o’clock the morning. The flight last eleven hours with the thai company ‘Thai airways’. The company is great with good food, two meals during the flight. Nevertheless it was a little long. Arrived to Bangkok for the first time, the airport was relatively crowded and i was obliged to wait almost one hour to pass the customs and to get back my luggages. After to pick up my wifi pass at the airport, i continue taking the direct train between the airport and the city center.

The train and the subway is crowded and it is very difficult to enter and to have a place inside. Or regurlaly we need to wait the next. Is is almost difficult to go out of the train at the right station.For the rest people are quiet and respectful inside.

Mu first feeling about Bangkok being inside the train, i noticed about the cultural difference between western countries and Thailand, but i knew this already before. However i was surprised about the location with all these building looking to be abandoned, plus the fact that to see places looking like shantytown, and i didn’t expect to that. I thought Bangkok a little bit more modern.

Contrary to western coutry or asian country like Japan, it is in fact a little shock of culture. Everything on the street are a little crazy, starting by the roads and the drivers where it is crowded also with a lot of scooters crossing and overtaking. Just few trafic light so on the pedestrian crossing we need to be careful, sometimes to run to avoid the cars and others tuk tuk. The noise is keep on going with all the cars and the people on the street. To this we can add the music of the bars. When we live in a classical western country it is a big change with to much moves there.

After walking on the roads in Bangkok and the suburbs after to see how the public transport worked, i decided to see a main attraction which was to go up the Baiyoke sky tower. This tower is located near Ratchaprarob station, and it is obviously that it is very easy to see the building.

This is a thing that i like in big city, it is to find a place, a tower or every observatory to have a perfect view on all the city. Here we can see the pollution, on the blue sky there is a layer white…

The tower is a landmark in the city. You pay to access to the observattory deck. You have few floor to stop with different view. The 84 floors is the last where it is outside and it is the best to take pictures. It is funny because when you want to go down at the first floor you need to take many different elevators where never you have the button first floor. Like that you are obliged to stop in every floor with a subjet like bar restaurant, shop, museum etc…

Baiyoke is currentlu the 2nd tallest building in Thailand with 309 meters. Adding the 35 metre spire, the building reaches 343 meters in total. I came back to my location walking trought many small roads, viewing many street vendor in each places, places being more crowded and crowded gradually as the evening arrive.

I came back crossing many small street , seeing the life in the part of the city, discovering many poor area and an other kind of life.

More information here if you want to see Baiyoke Tower

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