Enjoying the fact to stay in Bangkok at the same place two days in a row, i decided to go in Ayutthaya during one full day. Ayutthaya is one of the best place to see in Thailand of his history. Located at 80 km from at the North of  Bangkok, i took the less expensive mean of transport to reach the place, that is to say the train. The train in Thailand is  very less expanded. In fact i found the station at Bangkok very small and almost in an ancient time in comparaison with our western country. So i took a ticket for a third class place in the train. The train arrived 40 min after later. We can see hairdresser along the station to cut customers.

For 80 kilometers i paid just 20 baths, just around 50 centimes of euro… We can have a seat but the comfort is the minimum. The weather was very hot with near 35 degrees without a little wind.

Arrived to Ayutthaya, as almost everywhere in Thailand, many people asking at the exit of the station for tuk tuk, scooter or taxi, like i refused in many cases because i can walk and find my way without problem, so it is not here that this is going to change.

In fact the place is a great location to see nice temple and old architecture of the country. The city was founded in 1350 and it was a great location during many centuries for the trade and other things. It is today a nice destination for traveler, because the city has kept all it architecture. We can also make a stroll on the back of a elephant on a place, i didn’t try but it was nice to see that.

In 1991 it became an Unesco World Heritage Site. I found the place great but again it was a shame like everywhere in Thailand to see garbages on the street and even on the places of interest.

Moreover the very hot weather made that it was complicated to stay during a long time in the sun. But one more time i found nice coffee with nice food and air conditionner. I came back to Bangkok at the end of the day for a train less fast than the first, making the 80 kilometers in 2 hours and a half.

More information here about Ayutthaya

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