During my travel in the north Sweden, i had the occasion to make a short step in Finland in the city of Tornio. Tornio is located in the limit border between Sweden and Finland. In the left side we have the city of Happaranda and in the right side, just over the river, the city of Tornio. I’m arrived by bus and i stopped to the tourism center where it was totally empty and where i was almost the only tourist on the place.

I took my backpage and decided to walk and to visit a little Tornio, in order to have a small idea about Finland. I didn’t know that there was of hour of jet lag with Sweden just beside. Anyway i stopped to a restaurant for the lunch where i ate nice sea product and where i stayed a moment because i wasn’t hurry in the place. I wandered in the city. The buildings and the houses have an architectures style closed to the Russia. After like the others scandinavian countries we can observe all the typical different colours on the houses.


I walked along the river in a path going to a natural reserve and it was pleasant in the sens that i could see all the beautiful colours of the leaves on the birches just beyond the river in front of me. It was very peacefull and quiet with just very few people. Before to come back to the bus station few hours after to come back in Sweden near Lulea.

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