Thai food

Thai food

Let’s go to talk about the thai food. In fact the food in Thailand is one of the good raison to go there. It is simple delicious and cheap, as a result it is great. We can find found everywhere in Thailand, from the high restaurant in Bangkok to the street sellers on the street. Everything is good to try. The advantage there, is that the food is really fresh and there aren’t many intermediates between the product and our meal, so the fresh quality is better.Normally there aren’t problems to eat food picked on the street.

So as i said we can eat and drink everywhere, everytime that we want. Even during the night we will find wether food on the street, wether the small market like seven eleven which are opened generally 24 hours on 24 hours.I experimented differentes dishes with noddles, seafood. For the meat  fried pork and fried chicken are also delicious. Everything cooked in  good brothes with different spicies and flavours.The dishes are however small, so if you want to eat well and to be full you have to order two main dishes to be okey. I ate generally two main dishes plus a nice ice tea. The cocktails are very good and the tea is a speciality in thailand like in many asian countries. For my part with the warm, everytime i ordered ice tea, as i bought this also in the supermarkets.

Don’t forget that the water is not drinkable in thailand, so we have to buy bottle of water regurlarly. Fortunately the hostels give everytime bottle of water with the room.


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