Floating market in Pattaya

Floating market in Pattaya

Pattaya floating market is a popular market place  in Chonburi area, neat Jomtien beach at Pattaya. The place is very touristic, so it was crowded by people. In the area i can note many japanese tourist coming to enjoy these attraction and the sun. Also many Russian tourists on holiday there, probably a nice and cheap destination from Russia.

As it name the market is building on the water, everything is made of wood, and sometimes we have the feeling that the wooden path can collapse under our feet.


The market is established under the concept of presenting cultures and traditions from the four diverse regions of Thailand: Northern, Southern, Central, and North-eastern.

It is to introduce all the typical products from thailand, about the food first with many stand of fresh fruits, fresh meats or fresh fishes, cooked in live just under your eyes. For the rest we can find shops about wooden sculptures, silverware, textiles, handbags etc…

We can also pay for a trip in boat in the floating market on the small canals between the stands. The market is in my sense very important and we can spend easily an half day to visit and to stay a little to eat and drink.

It is accessible wether by bus on a guide tour, wether by taxi or tuk tuk from everywhere in Pattaya or Jomtien. I had a room in Jomtien so i could go there walking.

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