Shitennoji temple Osaka

Shitennoji temple Osaka

An other attraction near my accomodation. Osaka is not the best place to see numerous historical places, temples or Shrines. It is more for the modern side of the city.  However there are few nice historicals attractions. Shitennoji temple is the temple to see in Osaka. The temple is very easy to find and there is few other historical building around this.

Shitennoji Temple is Japan’s oldest official temple. It was founded in 593 by the prince Shotoku Taishi; a major figure in Japanese history who played a leading role in introducing Buddhism to Japan. He named the temple after the shitenno: four heavenly kings of Buddhist tradition who guard the world from evil. The prince had prayed to these kings during a time of war, and when the war was over he had the temple built in order to give thanks.

Though this temple complex has a long history, most of the buildings have been destroyed by fire and rebuilt several times, and several of the current buildings actually date from the 1960s and 1970s. Few meters after there are two ponds full with many turtles.



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