Keitakuen Garden in Osaka

Keitakuen Garden in Osaka

I have the chance to be totally in the center of Osaka. I go an afternoon in Tennoji park. Tennoji park is a big park where you can have differents areas like gardens, zoo and other activities in the nature in the middle of the city.I spend one hour in Keitakuen Garden. The garden is small but it is exactly how a japanese garden is.

At Keitakuen, you can delve into the beauty of modern Japanese gardens. And i was not disappointed. Peacefull and beautiful place.
Keitakuen was first designed by Ogawa Jihei 7th, who is said to be the father of modern Japanese gardening. The combination of the three elements, lake, rock, and plants, to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Japanese gardens can roughly be categorized into 3 types, and Keitakuen is the type where visitors can take a circular stroll. You can enjoy a different scene with every angle and season.


Rocks of different shapes and sizes are placed around the lake in the center of the garden. It is pleasant walking around the garden.

Keitakuen Garden is home to nearly 200 types of trees. From the cherry blossoms in the spring, to the falling leaves in autumn, every season comes with its own beauty.

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