Osaka namba park

Osaka namba park

Namba park is the place where i go the most part of my time. Because it is the center of Osaka with many cafe and place to stay. Moreover i don’t need to take the transportation to go there, 20 minutes walking is great to reach this center.

The entire development includes a 30-story office tower and adjacent mall, but what really makes Namba Parks stand out is its rooftop park that gradually ascends eight levels and gives passers-through the feeling that they are actually standing high on a mountaintop in nature when they’re actually right in the middle of the city. Right below the park, there is like a carves, a path through the mall, as they stroll past shops, entertainment spots and dining area.


Different flavors of restaurants  can be found on the 6th floor, and shops are located on the 2nd through 5th floors. There are also terraces located both on the rooftop and amidst the canyons, an amphitheater for live shows, and space for small personal vegetable gardens and wagon shops. The best is to finish on the roof where you will have the best view on all the surroundings and on many floors.

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