Osaka Umeda area

Osaka Umeda area

Osaka Umeda area is a the heart of the city of Osaka. It is the business center and both the upscale neighborhood of Osaka. Here, one has the impression of being in a capital by the importance of the centers of factories, the network of transport and the magazines. The number of shopping mall is impressive, as well as the modernity of places. Overall the space is just impressive.

Given the number of people who come through the station everyday, it’s incredible that the trains manage to stay on time, the streets manage to preserve their clean appearance and pedestrians maintain a generally calm composure despite all the workers on the streets.

Many very large buildings with a modern transport network that cross over multiple lines, it seems to be at the heart of a financial center. There are gardens on the roof of some building where you can have a wonderful view of the city.

One of the biggest building is Umeda Sky Building. Accessible by an underground walkway, the Umeda Sky Building is one of the tallest and most impressive buildings in Osaka. It’s more like two buildings connected by a bridge at the top. There’s a great observation deck at the top called the Kuchu Teien  Observatory. The views from here are great, especially in the evening, although they’ve now been overshadowed by those at the Abeno Harukas Building in the Tennoji Area.


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