Travel in Japan for no more than 1000€

Travel in Japan for no more than 1000€

Live in Japan as a tourist for no more than 1000€

It’s my goal for this full month in Japan. Objective that I will achieve. It is not easy as a tourist to travel to Japan for less than 1000 € per month, but this is possible. And this is possible without sleeping in dormitory. As I like to be quiet I need to have an individual room, as small and uncomfortable as it may be, as long as I have a personal room. I will give you my advice to stay a month in Japan budget. Of course if your goal is to see a lot of things, it will not fit your project. But if, like me, you are traveling long term and you really have to be careful, it will work.

– First choose osaka as a destination, if you want a budget accommodation, osaka is the only city that offers several budget accommodation for travelers. Maybe in other cities you will have some dormitory housing, but if you want budget accommodation, Osaka is the best city. Osaka is also the only city that offers some accommodation in a small single room of 5-7m2 for the same price as dormitory accommodation. All these accommodations are located in the same area, within a radius of 500 m2 near shin-imamiya station. The neighborhood is a little run down and it’s a marginal neighborhood with strange people. But it is just Japan so despite everything you have no really risks.

I spend my first two weeks in Hotel Toyo backpacker, where i paid for a small individual room 200 €. The hotel is great it is very clean with a nice common room. The great point is that you have perfect share bathroom with great western shower. I can advice this place almost the best price for small individual room in Japan.

I spend two other week in an classical Ryokan. It is really old with few conveniences. Shared bathroom are really average, not many maintenance. But outside of this i have my own room of 8m2 in the 4 floors in the angle where i’m quiet. And for the price i have my own room with a bed, a small table with a chair for my laptop, and even airconditionner and a small fridge. And even a small TV even if i don’t use this. For this i paid 180€. 180€ for two wekeks in Japan

– Second is the budget per day: I spend about € 15 a day, it’s the budget I set myself. Of course with this budget, we do not eat at the restaurant, we do not pay visits and we do not spend time using public transport. But with this budget it allows me to eat in Osaka, to move easily, and to sit in the cafes. Sometimes I get to be a little below, sometimes I’m a little above, but it’s a good average. With this budhet it makes me a total of about 450 € at the end of the month. I spend a little money in cafes to work in particular. But finally I spend almost nothing on a visit or in expensive food, or in transport. I think 15 € a day is the average low for traveling in Japan budget. The goal is not to stay limited either.

– Extra, yes there is. Already charges from time to time with the credit card. Even if we try to limit them as much as possible, there is always a little. Some visits or outings that make extra expenses daily. Yes I can think I easily add to this sum 100 or 150 €.
Here is the total I will be able to turn without spending more than 1000 € for a month of Japan, having a small single room. I did not think I could do that. For comparison I spent so much on housing in Thailand. But I had also chosen a more qualitative housing where I had an apartment. I could have made the choice to spend less on housing. In Thailand I lived daily for 10 € per day.




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