Odaiba area in Tokyo

Odaiba area in Tokyo

Odaiba is a district located in Tokyo. Easily accessible from Shinagawa station with the rinkai line.  It is a set of small islands linked each by bridges, in front of the center of Tokyo, built originally to protect Tokyo few centuries ago. Today we can see a futuristic district, residendial and economical.

It is an entertainment district with big shopping center and attractions outside like a giant fairy wheel, gardens along the sea, views on the center of Tokyo, big buildings. I hadn’t seen this place the first time and i wanted to go there at the base for two reason, the giant fairy wheel and the giant robot. And to add to that i discovered a very great area that i liked. The place is really outside of the crowd of Tokyo center, and the view and the space is very extensive and airy, so it is a real breath of fresh air. I spent a full half day without to see everything but if you want to take the time, to explore all the place and to wander in the shopping center, it is to stay easily one day.

I started to see the giant fairy wheel, just very impressive, 120 meters high. Unfortunately for me it didn’t work the morning so i didn’t try but it was the biggest fairy wheel that i saw, one of the biggest in the world.

I continue walking in order to see the Telecom Center, which is a major hub on the information highway with several large satellite antennas on its observation deck.

Then i stopped to the divercity Tokyo Plaza. A large complex with restaurant, shopping, and attractions about the Gundam anime. In fact we can’t miss the enter because it is here that we find the giant robot Gundam. A robot of 20 meters high, with a perfect design. One more time probably one of things that we can see only in Tokyo and Japan.


The paths to walk are very large and at a moment we arrive on a garden along the water, with a view of  the Rainbow Bridge,  connecting Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo. This bridge is an iconic symbol of the bay. It has to be great to visit the place during the night, especially to see its nightly illumination. This is a seaside park where you can fully enjoy Tokyo’s waterfront. Here we can just enjoy a quiet moment, beeing in a quiet place at the same time that we can see all the modern buildings, the train or again the airplanes far off. Here, a small imitation of the statue of liberty. To walk on this place was just a pleasure.
An other shopping center to see was Venus Fort. It is a shopping mall in the style of a 18th century South European town. The mall features over a hundred shops, fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants on three floors.
The original thing to see place is that inside, we have a fake sky above our head, with clouds and stars, imiting a night ambiance. Almost one floors was dedicated to shops for the animals.

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