New Dragon Ball cafe in Tokyo

New Dragon Ball cafe in Tokyo

Last time that i was in Tokyo, i wanted to try the experience of a manga cafe. Beeing young i was a fan of Dragon Ball, so beeing in the country of the manga, i couldn’t miss the occasion to be in a fun environment as a child. Moreover it was good because Dragon Ball cafe has been opened in Tokyo since just January. Two in Japan opened, one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka. So it was good because this restaurant are just opened during a small time, for anniversary of the anime. In tokyo it was located in the akihabara area, the geek area of Tokyo.

The cafe features special food and beverage themed with famous Dragon Ball characters, scenes and phrases, which you would easily recognize if you are a Dragon Ball fan. The environment was in fact nice, i could hear all the classical songs from the animes, so it was very pleasant to hear than in a public space and moreover in a restaurant cafe. For the rest we have a special menu dragon ball with around one dozen of dishes propose there. Every dish is created with a special style, shape dedicated to the manga. Except the meal we can buy numerous goodies in the restaurant. Price are little expensive for the food, but the experience deserves to be done for the environment, music, pictures etc…


For my part i ordered a special Dragon Ball burger and a coffee at the end. Brief a fun moment, only available in Japan.


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