Ikaho Toy, Car and Doll Museum

Ikaho Toy, Car and Doll Museum

I continued my week in Japan by a day in the center, around 2 hours from Tokyo, in Gunma prefecture. The area is peaceful with few people and we can see hills and small moutains.The area was a little covered by the snow in few places. I visited Ikaho Toy, Car and Doll Museum, which is a very high quality museum.


In fact it is not just a simple museum showing cars from old japan during the last decades, this retranscribes all the storie of entertainment in Japan, with classical and original cover from band, musical group, manga, videogames and other dolls. It is a very real gallery with original toys and other items. It is one of the largest amusement spot representing Japan.

The ambience inside is very good, after to see in first all the exhibition culture from Japan, we can continue by a car museum and we can see many old fun car, or sports car.


After the outside is also very interesting, the park includes a squirrel garden, even i didn’t see squirrel on the moment. On the path in the garden outside, we see many original poster about many classical movies from all around the world like Star wars, James Bond etc…


The visit continue, entering the souvenirs shops, with again many different items.

To finish we can eat and drink  in a hall with nice decoration, reproducing a retro style of bar. A fun robot waiter holding beer in his hands. Before to live, a stop in a room where we have to remove our shoes. And as a souvenir we have the possibility to paint with special pen a very small doll at our convenience. Everybody was ready to play, from the children, middle age to senior citizen.


Really it is worth it to see this museum when you can spend two or three hours in.

More information here in their official website


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