Nong Nooch tropical botanical Garden

Nong Nooch tropical botanical Garden

When i visit a place, i used to see  botanical gardens in order to compare and to discover differents species in other latitude than in my i went for an half trip day in Nong Nooch tropical botanical Garden, located around 2Okm from Pattaya City, and around 150 km from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

This is one og the biggest botanical garden in Asia, collecting the most different species of tree palms, cactus etc… We can see a big variety of Cycad , the prehistoric tree plam.But this is not just about tropical plants because we see kind of garden from many places with differents themes: french garden, flamingo garden, butterfly hills etc… everytime we see nice statutes of animales inside for nthe embellishment.

I confess this is probably the best place of interested that i saw in thailand. The gardens are perfect, clean and well developped, colored with many great views from the paths.

But it is not only botanical garden cause there are others attractions there included in the entrance. Just at the same place whe have the dinausaur valley, which mix the garden with representation of dinosaur species as virtual reality and virtual size. I went to this place for the garden but i discovered this on the moment, this is just opened recently. We can also see the elephants and make a turn of their back.

It is worth to visit the place.

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