Around Vanern lake

Around Vanern lake

One of my main discovers was to wander around Vanern lake. This lake is the largest in Sweden and maybe the largest in Europe. He is located between the south andf the center of Sweden, and near the second main lake Vattern. The lake and all the area around is a true natural beauty. The water seems very pure and clean. We can find a lot of species of bird and many species of fish.

So first i sleept thanks to couch surfing three days in a very friendly couple, living in a traditionnal house near Falkoping. The place was very difficult to find because it was very lost in the countryside, and it was during the night and the snow, i didn’t use a GPS in Sweden. Fortunately the couple picked me in a place.  Even if it was at the end of february , i could realize how the winter had to be rough. In fact it was snowing at this moment and everything was covered by many centimeters of snow. And it was great because i didn’t except to that, i didn’t except before to leave to see all this snow,  and it was perfect. It was perfect because it was the first time that i could see big lake totally frozen and covered by the snow. So yes three nights with this very nice couple, giving me many advices about the surroundings, affording me a nice meal and talking about Sweden. I had to wake up early to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in this area under the sunny day.

On the road toward the lake, and as Sweden is covered by thousands lakes, i stopped sometimes and i discovered little places around a small lake for a small stroll and to take picture. I didn’t try to walk on the frozen lakes because i was in unknow land. The advantage of the season was that i was definitely alone on this sites. Sometimes i saw beaches appointed for the summer and at this time there was no one. So i could wander on these lakes quietly. And at the same time i imagined how the environment could be during the summer and i wanted to be here during the summer two.  When i saw this natural beauty i wanted just one thing, it was to be here after the snow and to be able to spend time on a small boat or on a canoe kayak in the middle of the lake. And maybe to sleep in a wooden cabin along the shore. I was my wishes and a dream. Maybe i will be able to do this one day in the future. Who know.

Then i i went until the lake Vanern. I saw a part of the south. I stopped first in Mariestad and then i drove along the lake by the small road beside number 44 to link Lidkoping, and i continued until Trollhattan. I stopped in all this small cities to make a turn of the center. Everytime with a nice view. Beside this steps i ‘m stopped many times along the lake to go for a walk in nice paths.

It was a very nice trip, the weather was so sunny, the sky very blue and it was perfect to admire and to take pictures of the place. Probably that during an other season we can make many activites like fishing, cycling, swimming, sailing. Or again different nautical activities like kayak. Diffinitely a place to go for lovers wildlife. And then to finish this trip around Vanern, i sleept with AirBnb in a wooden cabin. The experience was great and i wanted to do this since a long time. It was so good to be in the middle of the wood without any noise around me. Just the cabin, the forest, the birds and the sky.

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