My accomodation in Osaka

My accomodation in Osaka

The time change. In Thailand my last accomodation was a full appartment 30m2 for 200€  with swimming pool on the roof. In Osaka for the same price i have a small room to sleep of 6m2. And again i’m happy this is the the only city in all Japan where you can sleep in a private small room for this price. In other places it will be just a dormitory. Even the ‘capsule hotel’ where you sleep in just a 2m2 room are more expensive. It is a special guesthouse for backpacker.

Brief, for this price it was the best opportunity that i took. It was this solution or to not go in Japan.

The guesthouse is great for the price, own room, clean and good share bathroom, nice place to cook and stay. Moreover it is just in the center of Osaka. I can go in many places just walking, without to take transportation.

My small room has just one futon to sleep. No table, no chair, no matress. Just a basic and typical japanese minimalist room. And it is just enought and i like too sleep in this small environment, don’t need more.

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