Arrived in Osaka, Japan

Arrived in Osaka, Japan

Arrived in Osaka. After a short month in Thailand, my tourist visa could not exceed 1 month. So I took a flight to Japan. Japan, where I landed for the third time. I hesitated during a time to go because of the expensive accomodation. Moreover i can’t sleep in dormitory, i need to have my own room, even if it is small with shared bathroom. And i was very hard to find but finally i find something in the only city where we can find a private room not too expensive. So i went to Osaka, second biggest area in Japan. The flight between Bangkok and Osaka last 5h30. My last month in Thailand was a great experience. The thing that i didn’t know was that Osaka airport international was located at 50km form Osaka center. But the transportation is very good so even arriving during the night i could reach the guest houst in less than one hour.

At the same time Tokyo was not Osaka. So it was the opportunity to see others places. I do not have any idea about how many times i will stay here. The tourist visa is free. And i prefered to go now because it was the best about the season. In fact the autumn is arriving, and it is a nice season here, but it’s not so hot, it’s going to continue in October. So it is great i do not have clothes for the winter.

The amazing thing is just to have been abe to go in Japan for the third times in just one years and an half. And this is just amazing.

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