Matsumoto castle

Matsumoto castle

Matsumoto is a city located in Nagano prefecture, near the beginning of japanese alps. This is a classical japanese city where you can stop a little as a step during the trip.I just stayed in Matsumoto an half day, and it was to see the castle so i don’t have other feelings about the rest of the city.

And the main attraction is Matsumoto castle. And i can affirm that it is a good visit to do  and a good place of interest to see.First at the arrival, the view on the castle is pleasant. The castle is surrounded on a part by a tall pond. It is in this pond that there are the koi. After we arrive in front of the castle with in the first plan a big garden with big paths and many plants. The maintenance of the castle is perfect because everything is attractive for the colours, the materials.This castle and all the building is designated as a national treasure. This castle was built in 1592.

There were volunteer guide, japanese people who was probabaly retired, and here to guide us and to explain to us the different parts of the castle. Like in the temples, shrines and the other visits inside a building like this, we have to remove the shoes before to enter for the visit. And at the end of the visit i could take nice pictures with a guy dressed like a samourai.






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