Sweden at the end of september

Sweden at the end of september

At the end of september i planned a second travel in Sweden for ten days. At this moment it was the very low season in the country, with just few tourist. First time i saw the south west and a little the center. This time i saw a part of the North east, going down after in Stockholm, focusing along the gulf of Botnia.

The first day, after to arrive at Stockholm airport, i took a second airplane to lead at Lulea city. I arrived at Lulea where i stayed two nights. At this area i really had the feeling, and i think that it wasn’t just a feeling, to be almost the only tourist on the place. Anyway it is a fact that at this place at this moment we were very little.

At this period it was already the automn and the colors of the leaves ont the trees were beautiful. So that sure maybe it was not the most beautiful moment to explore Sweden, in fact there wasn’t the sun of midnight, there wasn’t the landscapes covered by the snow. But the country can be explore in every period of the years.

It was not cold at this period, i had around 8° the morning at Lulea and 12° the afternoon. And around 8° the morning at Stockholm and 13° the afternoon. It is different that the continental climate and in this area, at least along the sea, the difference of temperature between the night and the afternoon is low.

In Lulea i made a trip of one day until Finland, seeing the border with the city of Happaranda/Tornio, until Kemi. And i used many train and buses. It is relatively easy to find the right buses and right lines just beeing in the bus station. But for the tourism it is sometimes difficult to fnd many informations about the places of interest and about the timetable for the attractions. Moreover many places were empty or closed at this time beacause as i said before, it is a very low season. Another nice trip that i made in Lulea  was to see Gammelstad. This is the old town of Lulea and it is very beautiful, aplce to not miss there. After this i went down by train along the gulf of botnia, crossing the nice landscapes.Then after i arrived at the small city of Harnosand, after a short stop to Umea. Harnosand was at the middle of my trip of the map and the hostel was very affordable, so this was the reason for which i decided to stay there two other nights.

On this place i made a hikking, climbing the moutain called ‘Kukkolaforsen’, and i wanted to do more but just walking it was not easy. Climbing the small moutain during the morning, i was totally alone on this area, until the return where i found just a small group and one or two other people like me, but no more. Harnosand is peacefull, but nothing special to do in this place.

After, going on my trip toward the south i took again bus and train to reach Stockholm where i stayed 5 days. Stockholm was a great experience. In despite that it is a capital it is not to big. It is relatively easy to find our way by the subway, and buses.The city center is very lively and it is very cosmopolitan we find people from all the nationalities, maybe to much sometimes. Except one day where i decided to explore a little the archipelageo  with all the islands, i stayed there to wander on the streets. The last day there finished by a bad weather with wind and rain, but i was not going to complain, i had just one day of rain.

Stockholm was definitely a great experience, for the landscapes i think however that the perfect places to see are the bohuslan coast, and the lake in the center. My two best souvenirs of Sweden will be this;  the bohuslan coast, vattern lake , vanern lake in the winter under the snow, in the first travel. And the Capital during my second travel.

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