Nara is located just around from Kyoto. So for my first day to stay in Kyoto i decided to go in Nara for the day. Located at just 50km from Kyoto, it was easy for me to link this by the train. The journey in the train lasted a small hour.

The main attraction on this place is the park of Nara. I walked around 20 minutes to reach the park from the station This city has made an alliance with the nature. In fact the park is just beside the city center and covers a part of the city. With its 600 hectares, it is very verdant, surrounded by hills and wooded moutain. The particularity of the park is to have around 1200 deers freely, advancing just in the middle of the visitors. And it is very peacefull and pleasant to walk with the wild deers living freely in the park. And if you buy the special food to feed  the deers, you can be sure that you will be sometimes followed by them. If you walk in all the park you can easily spend a full day in this place. Moreover this is a location very touristic where many pupils also come to visit the park. I arrived around 10 o’clock the morning and i  returned around 5 or 6 o’clock the afternoon, taking my time to wander in the park.

At the same time in the park we can see typical japanese garden with very old trees. In the past the city was the heart and the cradel of japanese tradition and literature. This is for this reason that we can discover many temples and ancient buildings. Many are registrered in the world heritage of unesco.

This makes it the first focus of any trip to Nara. But the rest of the city isn’t to forget. The main road between the station and the park is full of shops, restaurants and attractions.

If you plan to go in Kyoto, take a little time to go to explore Nara.


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