Let’s remember my first travel

I would like to remember my first travel in Iceland. Cause this first travel and this first idea was the beginning or everything. At this moment this seemed a big step for me. Now, when i think to that it will be so much easy to go and to travel in Iceland. But at this time it wasn’t nothing. Anyway i can remember that cause it was around three years ago exactly. Si i can write this in order to say that finally everything happened very fast in three years. And i’m very proud of myself. Anyway just to remember how the landscape in Iceland are just amazing, and just outside of every places, i’m going to give numerou pictures.

I wrote this because it is so busy here and sometimes i would like to be so far in a quiet place… Just in a wooden caban in front of the stars and a lake. And i can’t. And it is sad cause all those places are so expensive for a long term unfortunately. Opposite kind of life.




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