Crazy move in two day

Crazy move in two day

I wanted to change and to cross atlantic ocean first, and then to cross pacific ocean. I realized that and i realized that quickly cause i crossed the ocean in just the space on one month.
And  in the space of two days, so many transportation without to sleep.
I was in Canada in Victoria. I took the bus to reach the ferry to reach Vancouver. In Vancouver, take a short tour of the city via bus and tram before returning to the airport.

I then took my night plane at 2am from Vancouver to Taipei, Taiwan. 11h flight …
Without having really slept over the jet lag, I stayed a few hours at Taipei Airport. I realized that Taiwan seemed to be a beautiful country and well developed country, thanks to the videos about this that i saw in the airplane. Taiwan is also , after Japan and South Korea, (except Singapour and Houng Kong because it is just city state), the third country the most developed in Asia.  So plan to go one day. I stayed many hours in the airport of Taipei during the night to wait my flight for Bangkok. 

And then an other flight, 3 hours in direction of Bangkok to arrive almost two days after from Canada. Very long trip but I arrived safe and sound and tired, around two days after to be in Canada. 

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