Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is a kind of manufactured bubble, grouping together a set of daily, regular, habitual situations, both positive and negative. Everything becomes familiar and comfortable because you know what to expect and what to expect. The goal is to stay in a safe state and stay on track. There is little disruption and there are several landmarks to which we can relate. You are finally in a bubble without realizing it and sometimes you wonder how life would be outside, and you are afraid, afraid because it is unknown, afraid not to arrive, afraid to sink … No matter if you feel good or not in your comfort zone, the reality is that you stagnate, vegetate and let the years pass. Things seem reassuring, and then we wake up years later wondering what the point was. And sometimes we have the horrible feeling of having missed many things to stay there. Spend your time building a comfortable structure for years and years for inert goods that you will not remember. This is another subject but the problem is there, the life in the comfort zone is limited to the leisure and the pleasures to fill the time, to fill the routine void which one must respect, to fill frustrations, and one tries in vain to think that we are happy and that it’s good because we bought a bigger television, a more comfortable car, a more comfortable bed. Many people also seek to optimize this area by remaining home, being surrounded as much as possible by others, and owning many material goods. They live even without imagining other alternatives. There are many billions of people on the earth and we stay focused on a few people around us for years, whereas in another place and at another time we might be much more in tune with other people. I think that the comfort zone is contrary to the realization of interesting projects and the desire to live exciting experiences. This prevents us from embarking on or enjoying a solo trip. It prevents us from living things and we lose openness to the world, and its capabilities.


You are not totally yourself because everything you do refers to a daily newspaper, and you only become a relative part of what you have created. You will only live by the interferences around you, people, material goods, work etc…

The larger and older the comfort zone, the more difficult it is to leave it.

Staying in this area thinking that it’s the best way to live is a mistake because it’s finally giving up life and letting time impoverish you.

For me life is not trying to get rich and make the profit to buy a house, a car, full of superfluous equipment, and then sell them, bequeath them etc… There is other way to enrich myself and I am enriching the spirit by discovery and travel.

This analysis adapts perfectly to our subject because traveling alone is one of the best examples of getting out of the comfort zone to be in an area where anything can happen, and we do not know what will be done tomorrow. Traveling alone means being totally out of the comfort zone, there are no points of reference or knowledge to help you, and it is up to you to be perfectly autonomous in an unfamiliar environment, to be able to move forward in your area. trip. And this is one of the interests of traveling alone, which many people do not understand, precisely because they are people totally anchored in a comfort zone. In another country you will face another language, another culture, another mode of operation. Many things that must be discovered and learned to adapt to the environment. The comfort zone does not exist anymore, and you will be able to live more intensely many moments, because you are no longer relative to elements, there is just you in an environment advancing day by day in the discovery. You are totally at the heart of things, you are the central and driving element.

How can you get out of your comfort zone to get to travel alone? For people anxious to do it.

Take a step back from your surroundings and your life in this world to realize that much of what surrounds us does not matter so much and that it would not be so bad to forget them for a while. Look and list what’s really important to you, and you’ll probably list a list of people you care about, and then things you want to keep. And you will realize that objects are only objects, so not essential, and that despite the love you can bring to those close to you, this can not prevent you from going to see other horizons and to stay stuck here . Work by changing beforehand a number of usual you comforting in the choice of your trip. If you have made the decision to travel alone, it is good that you are motivated and that you have specific reasons, so persevere in this choice. Accept the fact that you will have no landmarks and that something goes wrong because it is part of the trip.

I may not be in the best position to talk about it. Indeed, I have never been interested in the idea of ​​building something over the long term, and I have never really had any real interests for objects and all kinds of material goods. However, I stayed in the same place for several years in France, then started traveling, and I was able to ask many questions about it. And it was after my two first three trips, that I totally abandoned all interest in the material to be satisfied with only a small apartment a room, a bed, a table and a computer to live. However, I followed several habits that held me in a frame.

The interest and the advantage of being outside the comfort zone is that you have the impression of living in an adventure, where every day is different, and we take advantage of the present moments without worrying about the future.

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