Kenting national park

Kenting national park

3 days in Kenting National Park located south of Taiwan, it is exactly the southernmost tip, and also one of the hottest spots. Accessible only by bus directly from Kaoshiung. Kenting is one of the top three hot-spots for tourists in Taiwan. This part of Formosa has a national park, beautiful beaches, ecological protection areas, old villages, green hills, and fishing harbors.

It is also the most visited park in Taiwan. The west coast of Taiwan is very urbanized while the whole coast is wild, as is the center with the mountains. To access there is very beautiful road that totally along the coast is very nice.
Arriving in Kenting there is just one main village with a famous night market which is the main attraction of the village. For the rest we must enjoy nature. It is also a spot for locals during holidays or weekends. It is one of the parts of the country where one can find beautiful tropical beaches, and especially with few people.

Especially i saw National Forest Recreation Area in Hengchun Township of Pingtung County.  The elevation is 200-300 meters above sea level and the area covers an area of 75 hectares. The more than 1,000 species of plants grown here are arranged according to type, with areas for medicinal plants, tropical fruits, rubber trees, and so on. There are 17 scenic points that are linked together by walkways, offering visitors maximum convenience to view both the plants and the scenery. Great place for an half day or a one full day. 

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