Hualien city

Hualien city

After a few days at Kenting National Park, I decided to go back to Taipei to cross the country by the west coast. Mas not in one go. So I stopped in the middle of the east side in the small town of Hualien. The east coast is wild and Hualien is one of the only cities. I stayed a week in this city. The city itself is nothing exceptional. In spite of everything there were some interesting things to see. It was also the starting point to visit Taroko National Park.

The port is very nice. Just walk around the docks and observe the harbor life unfold quietly between the colorful boats, fishing nets and the sound of the ocean. Fishermen from distant lands will give you curious looks while Taiwanese folks will invite you to join them for a beetle nut and a smoke.

You can find also Tao and Buddhist Temples. In fact east coast’s residents take their religions very seriously. That’s why you’re guaranteed to see something interesting if you visit one of the many temples scattered around the city. Dongjingchan Temple is a particularly good Buddhist shrine where you’ll find golden Buddha statues and a sort of tranquility.

Some nice cafes to stay and a very cheap accommodation for Taiwan because of the geographical distance. if you want to explore the area, this is the base camp where to stay. It is also one of the few cities on the east coast

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